Equipment Monitoring Simplified

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Harness big data analytics to solve your most pressing maintenance issues

Monitor and diagnose equipment in realtime from the comfort of your desk. Through machine learning, we help automate the process of condition and failure monitoring.

What We Offer

Realtime Monitoring Service

Monitor in realtime using our online service. Diagnostic alerts are sent straight to your phone and email when a problem is uncovered. If something is not running quite right, we'll let you know.

Simple, Yet Versatile Equipment Monitors

Our miniature Wi-Fi enabled equipment monitor detects electrical input from your equipment and monitors for changes through high resolution energy signatures. All insights into the performance of your equipment are shared with the online monitoring service for later review.

Industries Served

We monitor equipment of all shape and sizes. Below are some of the industries we service.




Three Phase Motors
Switch Gears & Utility Transformers


Submersible Pumps
Drip Irrigation Systems

API Access

Already have a monitoring set-up your comfortable with or building your own.
Easily connect and harness our infrastructure to support business operations.
Getting started is easy through our online api explorer, Javascript and Node.js Libraries.

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