We create tools that make smart sensing Easier

Simple to Install Energy Monitors

Sweep Energy can monitor your on-site electrical equipment in real time using state of the art energy monitors and software. Our current monitors are non-invasive and do not require the need to rewire your electrical equipment in order to install.

Store your Energy Data in the Cloud

All energy data collected through our energy monitors are stored in the cloud, reducing frustration and allowing you to focus on results not administration.

Real-time Monitoring with Easy to Use Analytic Tools

Our system discovers new insights about your electrical equipment usage over time. We provide tools that make it easy to visualize these findings and provide recommendations that can save you both time and money.

Access powerful analytical tools and data from any Device

Support for:



Connect and access your data from many devices

Connect to your data and results from many devices. Looking to integrate our technology with your infrastructure, we offer access to an API to our hardware energy monitors and analytics platform.

Support for:


Mac OS


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